Video Production & Marketing Video for Live Show Events


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We produce:

    • Web Promotional Videos
    • Live show videos
    • Demo Reel for Stage-directors, Singers, Actors, Orchestras, Conductors and any other type of performers
    • Testimonials
    • Self-Promotion video
    • Event Videos
    • Training Videos
    • Educational Videos
    • Commercials for TV & Web
    • Green Screen Filming & Compositing
  • Documentaries

Marketing Video for promotion

How does your audience can understand that your show is exactly what they want to see? How can you inspire them to buy 2 or more tickets? Show them a couple of episodes and invite theatre-goers or music lovers using video on-line. Today people trust video more than any other media.

We produce HD quality video. We have own professional equipment to shoot, edit and convert your video to different formats. We helped our clients to promote different type of projects such as live events, concerts, an opera, a ballet, interviews, testimonials, video-invitations and commercials. Why does it work?

  • It is a fact that 90% of the brain’s retention is visual
  • It is a fact that 50% of the brain’s function is visual
  • Statistically images are processed in the brain 60,000 times more readily than words
  • Speaking about SEO we can add that video is a searchable asset and has to be part of SEO
  • It is a fact that Websites with video retain visitors for up to 3 minutes longer

What is the number 2 search engine in the world? In case you didn’t know, the #2 search engine in the world is not Bing and it’s not Yahoo. It is YouTube. And YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined.

YouTube is not just a video hosting site – it’s a social network. Other social networking sites are good tools to promote your videos. You can also email your videos to bloggers and journalists who might be interested in your topics. You can ask your audience to share videos with their online friends. Videos are much more likely to be watched and enjoyed if they’re recommended by a trusted source, so this is a great way to pick up new viewers, to broad your audience and attract potential sponsors and grant-givers.

We can help to engage your audience to watch the video and inspire them to buy tickets.

Video provides every business with the benefits:

  • Video shows company as an established business
  • Video is the quality Indicator for your customers
  • World wide reachable
  • Cross-platform/device accessible
  • Video reaches the right target audience and motivated customer
  • Video is easier to consume than written content
  • Video is easier to communicate and educate prospects and existing clients around products
  • Video is the best next thing to actual face-to-face interaction and it’s much better to humanize your business than written content

Business to Arts provides you with the opportunity to produce great video quality with a small budget

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