Graphic Design for Web and Print

Every event needs high quality visual materials to engage sponsors, inspire audience and promote event itself. We help to develop feasible marketing plan and provide our clients with graphic and web design support as well as web promotion and video production. It means you do not need to search for different services in different places . You can find everything you need to promote your event or performance with Business to Arts. And know what – sponsors appreciate our creative work quality and prefer to invest in professionally looking projects with manageable marketing plan which we can supply you with.

This is how we help our clients:

  • We create your web presence with
    – web site with e-commerce functions (tickets or CD sale)
    – social media + web-promotion (Search Engine Marketing)
    – SEO 
    (Search Engine Optimization)
  • We create professional layouts and print all of your collateral marketing materials:
     Advertising layouts of any type such as: event programmes, brochures, leaflets, folders, signs
    Direct mailing layouts
    – Media layouts (newspaper & magazine)
    – Advertising for outdoor media (billboards, posters, banner stands)

Check out these samples to have an idea how feasible graphic/web design does represent business and engage sponsors: